101 Dumb Moments in Business

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There are many incidents that happen in business, where it might be considered dumb or just failure to imply specific guidelines. Some of the incidents that happen might affect company's environment and sales revenue. After knowing that the company has been on the 101 dumbest moments in business, they would often try to come up with an excuse. Every year there are so many companies where they make mistakes or learn it in the hard way after making those mistakes. Often, managers do not get enough time to resolve the mistakes that have been made or with the success of the previous product they become overconfident and hope that the product will be successful as the previous ones.

Example 1

The first dumb moment in business was KFC/Taco some time during February where rats were seen on a closed business hour.

A pack of dozen or more rats were seen that night on Thursday in New York City's Greenwich Village. On Friday, it was already on the television about this worst health incident and on talk shows. Past December few of the restaurants have cited number of health code violations, including evidence of rodents and live cockroaches. Inspection was recently done, and the company tried to address the problem by doing some construction work in the basement where they think that the work might have worsened the problem. The owner of the company had to face many problems and was forced to close down the store until the issue was completely resolved. They also said, "Although it passed its health inspections, the restaurant was cited for evidence of rodents several times in the past three years, among other violations. In its most...