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Employment Conflict Management Worksheet: Coastal County Clerk of Court

Employment Conflict Management Concepts Worksheet

Concept Application of Concept in Scenario Citation of Concept in Reading Personal Experience in your Organization


A competitive, or "power over," style is characterized by aggressive and uncooperative

behavior-pursuing your own concerns at the expense of another. People with competitive

styles attempt to gain power by direct confrontation, by trying to "win" the argument

without adjusting to the other's goals and desires. A person with a competitive style is one

who usually thinks it necessary to engage the other participant in overt disagreement. The

conflict is seen as a "battleground," where winning is the goal, and concern for the other

is of little or no importance.

Conflict often helps people join together and clarify their goals. Many times people keep

on doing things "the same old way" until there is a conflict.

When conflict arises,

they must decide what their priorities are and how to use their resources.

Dennis Munger and Stan Accord both ran for the County Clerk position, which have different views on how to manage the department. Munger maintain under his leadership the office of the clerk of the court would continue to work the same way, once elected, whereas Accord would focus on efficiency, responsiveness and technology.

Stan Accord won the election and became Dennis Munger immediate supervisor and started to implement changes that had Munger in a disagreement with the short absence policy, because in the past he was able to go home for an hour to take care of his elderly parents.

Both of them are competitive and Munger is not willing to adjust to changes or even try out the new policy, but rather make this discrimination...