6-Hat Thinking

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You will need to use 6-hat thinking for the question. What is the best strategy for providing assistance of health care to low income and/or high-cost people? Include analysis of the criteria for defining the amount of assistance and the size of the group to be assisted? Include analysis of the strategy for financing the assistance. When you explain WHY this strategy is better than alternatives --- provide clear criteria.

6-Hat thinking about assistance for low income/low income high cost people for health care

Levying a tax on the income of the wealthy so as to subsidize the health services of the low income/high cost people for health care can be one of the strategies. The alternative strategy can be raising tax on the luxurious products such as jewelries, high cost personal cars, and private jets and so on. Then we can use this revenue to finance health care to the poor.

This will ensure that health services are affordable to the low income. The first strategy involves taxes on income of the wealthy and using the revenue gathered from these taxes to finance cost of medication to the low income people. A proportional income tax should be levied on those earning an annual salary of $ 25,000 to $50000, $51,000 to $ 75,000 and $76,000 and more. The low income people earning annual income below $ 2,500 should benefit from this strategy. The second strategy involves taxes on consumption considered to be extravagant and luxurious.

1. White hat thinking

Cost of living is increasing every day. Low income earners are facing economic constraints and their budgets constraint cannot allow them to access the desirable life they would wish to have. Inequality is also very high considering that our economy is free one characterized with capitalism. Lack of employment...