Addressing Challenges of Groups and Teams Paper

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Addressing Challenges of Groups and Teams Paper


British Petroleum (BP) has had one of the worst oil spills to date in the Gulf of Mexico. British Petroleum has hired learning team D to revamp their communications department. We will discuss and address five issues beginning with marketing communications, communication planning, leadership and employee communication, listening training and communication, and executive and corporate communications. Correcting these issues should help restore British Petroleum's image so the company can move forward in their day to day business.

Marketing Communications

British Petroleum has dropped the ball in the marketing communications department. British Petroleum should have "coordinated messages delivered through one or more channels such as print, radio, television, internet, and direct mail" ("Marketing Communications", "n.d."). British Petroleum could have established their company as the solution instead of the problem. First thing British Petroleum should have done was take ownership and responsibility.

The second thing British Petroleum should have done was tell the truth instead of trying to cover up their problems. The third item on the agenda should have been to develop a plan and let all the media outlets know about it; including setting up a Facebook page and twitter account to provide updates and pictures of BP employees cleaning up the oil spill and rescuing animals. British Petroleum should have had a commercial telling the United States that they were sorry for the spill and that British Petroleum will do everything in their power to clean up the spill and return affected areas back to normal as humanly possible. With this constant and immediate contact to the internet world, British Petroleum could have curtailed the bad publicity, but instead they didn't communicate their plan of attack early and often. The last thing British Petroleum should do is go to...