Advocacy and Mediation Literature Review

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Existing Mediation and Advocacy Literature Review

Advocacy and Mediation, BSHS 442

Janelle Johnson

28 May 2010

Most of today's society, nationally and internationally turns to an Advocate for help after they have failed in an attempt by themselves. This paper will demonstrate the current national Human Services agencies available to those in the United States as well as nations abroad.

National Center for State Courts (NCSC)

The National Center for State Courts web site focuses on court-connected alternative dispute resolution. This center uses mediation as the primary dispute resolution method used by courts and the one most "alternative" to traditional court processes. The majority of this site concerns court-connected mediation. Some information about court-connected arbitration can also be found here. Particular areas of interest include: Appellate, Arbitration, Civil and Small Claims, Criminal/Victim-Offender (including juvenile offenders), Dependency, Ethics and Qualifications, Family (Divorce, custody, group conferencing, etc.),

Federal, Funding, Guardianship, International, Legislation, Mediation, Organizations, Resources, States, Studies/Research, and Training.

U.S. Department of Justice

The U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Dispute Resolution coordinates the use of alternate dispute resolution in the Department of Justice which links mediation to advocacy in human service in the Department of Justice. In fact, alternate dispute resolution involves mediation as an advocacy service role in the community. The web site's mission is to promote the broader use of advocates and mediation, to improve access to justice for all citizens, and to lead to more effective resolution of disputes involving government. This site accesses documents, information on the Interagency Alternate Dispute Resolution Working Group, speeches, and statistics on mediation use in different divisions of the Department of Justice.

The United States Department of Air Force

The Department of Air force web site offers an overview of the Air Force dispute resolution policies...