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Alternate Summer Field Experience: Journals

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Alternate Summer Field Experience: Journals


Mathematics plays a pivotal role in shaping everyone's life. The life of a person starts with math's learning and end at a time when the man is in the middle of its learning. In schools kids are given assignment as homework and are given a certain time to complete it. Learning mathematics in school days is a memorable experience and it is almost each day a child learns something new about it. The whole phenomenon of life is based on math and calculation. Pyramids in Egypt and Taj Mehal in India are also the prime example of buildings that included mathematics and calculation. There has always been a two way attitude towards mathematics either a person loves it to its finest detail or not like it at all (Winebrenner, Kingore & Brulles, 2008).



A group is known as a set with an operation "•" and is represented by G. It is combination of two or more elements namely a and b and denoted as a • b (Mackenzie, 2006).


The sequence of magical human grunts in a learning order is known as numbers. The counting is useful in all stages of life from the way we first start mathematics till the day we are counting our last days on earth. The most initial form of mathematics is when we are kids and count the stars present in the sky. As our life moves forward the methodology differ from one another but the reason behind them remains the same that is to get a result. By implementing few ideas we can teach kids easily how to count. These ideas are...