Alternative Fuels

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Alternative fuels; The Best Alternative?

Scott J. McBride

Dr. Cipul-Weber

MKT 301

TUI University

October 19, 2009

The electric car has been an elusive dream of environmentalists and automakers for decades, however with growing concerns about global warming; the idea is attracting a new generation of entrepreneurs who are hoping better batteries will make electric cars practical this time around. Electric cars help fight global warming for the reason that they contribute less greenhouse gases to the atmosphere than gasoline-powered cars, even if the electricity is created in a coal-fired power plant. Passion for the environment dates back to the 1970s and more specifically during the oil crisis. For decades, common people of all ages as well as celebrities have longed for the creation, distribution, and market of hybrids.

Legendary actor, the late Paul Newman asked Congress to promote new sources of energy years before "green" was even a household name.

When the oil crisis lifted, interest waned. However, this time around, the threat of global warming will keep people focused. With the millennium ten years in, new energy conserving ideas are being brought to the market. Among the most prominent are cars powered by electricity, as opposed to gasoline. Electric vehicles seem practical, and they protect the environment by reducing pollution.

Some contemporary's believe that our economy would suffer colossal changes in order to accommodate these low-emission vehicles. The entire oil industry would bear an enormous loss, car manufacturing would have to change completely, and many people involved in the gasoline industry would become unemployed. While alternative fuels may help protect the environment, they would destroy the economy.

The oil industry depends on the production of gasoline. Transportation accounts for twenty-five percent of U.S. demand, and it depends wholly on oil. If...