America: The Perfect Country The Japanese Internment Camps

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America: The Perfect Country

Austin Seiberlich

March 11, 2010

Mr. Stephens Period D

History Research Paper

America: The Perfect Country

The Japanese Internment during World War II was a very unfair movement by the United States government and army. It placed Japanese-Americans in internment camps on the west coast. Kidnapping was taking place all over the country because of their race. The Japanese Internment just proves how much of a bad country we are. We shove innocent people in concentration because of others' actions whose lives do not even effect teach other. The USA gives the Japanese disgusting areas to live and then free them knowing they are going to get murdered or beat.

It goes back to 1924, years before the Japanese Internment Act. The U.S. Congress had closed the golden door to freedom in the United States. The Japanese population was a majority of the Issei group, which means the first generation.

Immigration had been halted from many countries including Japan. The Japanese were segregated against in American territory. Seventeen years later, an acre of land would cost two hundred eighty dollars for a Japanese man or woman compared to thirty-eight dollars for an acre of land to any fellow American (Journey). When radar stations near Pearl Harbor detected a large group of planes flying towards Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, the United States government thought it was a false read. However, once it reached seven fifty-five AM, the government knew it was wrong. The first wave of Japanese fighter planes had arrived. Bomb after bomb dropped onto US battleships and damaged everything, but only completely destroying the Arizona and the Oklahoma. Soon after all the planes had left, another wave had arrived at 9:05. Then general had then pulled off the third wave hoping not get...