Animal Testing Ethics

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Testing animals is wrong and completely cruel, and they should be banned for good. Animals have rights like we do. All day everyday, people are using animals for horrible, cruel and half of the time tests that are useless. These animals do not have anyway to fight for their rights. For this reason is why there should be a law to protect them from these kinds of things.


Even though most of the experiments are ran by private industries, most experiments are conducted by public organizations. The U.S. Government, Air force, and also the Army especially has created and carried out many harmful and cruel animal experiments. These experiments have been designed where innocent animals would suffer and even die, not even being certain these horrible experiments would even save someone's life, or help people at all; but for the hundreds or even thousands can be said for other experiments studied around the world each year.

Narrowing things down to studies done on innocent dogs, some of this information will shock a lot of you: For example, The Lovelace Foundation, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, scientist made sixty-four dogs to inhale "radioactive Strontium 90" for a "Fission Product Inhalation Program" that started back in 1961, which was funded by the United States Atomic Energy Commission. During this study, twenty- five of these dogs died. Some of deaths happened with an epileptic seizure; some died with brain hemorrhages. There were even dogs that became anemic, feverish, and wouldn't eat. Animals should not have to go through these kinds of experiments for scientist to experiment their new ideas; this is just an example of some of the experiments animals have to go through.


The theory that I believe most people that...