Annual Reports of Different Corporations

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Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones

BUS 340/Business Communications

Annual Reports

Kathleen Serra


Lisa Jones 1

Annual Reports

The two corporations I chose are from the Amusement & Recreation Services

area. The first one is Carnival Corp (CCL:NYSE) and the second one is Life Time

Fitness Inc (LTM:NYSE). I will explain what the organizational differences are and I will

determine if the data is presented clearly so that shareholders can draw conclusions about

how well the company has performed. I will also explain what goals, challenges, and

plans the top managers emphasize in their discussion of results. I will also explain how

the format and organization of each annual report enhances or detracts from the

information being presented.

Both of these corporations are alike in some ways and different in others. They

are both alike because they are both recreation areas but they are different because one is

a gym and one is a cruise.

The only thing you do in a gym is work out, compared to being

on a cruise where there are multiple things to do. On the cruise you can get your daily

workout in and then go to lunch. Then you can go swimming or tanning, and then go get

ready to go to the night club.

The benefit of this is that you do it all in one location. You never have to go far to

get to the next activity. There are some differences between the two recreations annual

reports but for the most part they are basically the same.

They immediately discuss their annual revenue, net income, diluted earnings per

share, and total assets. Then they discuss passengers carried, passenger capacity, number

of ships, and number of employees. Carnival just shows the years and the numbers. Life

Time Fitness has the same information...