Asian American Struggles

Essay by AJ056A, March 2010

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The Asian American Struggles of Being American

In present America, there is no real way to define an American with all the ethnic and cultural mixtures. America has mostly accepted the African American and America is beginning to integrate the Hispanic cultures within the American society, but where does this leave the last major minority group, Asians? Asian Americans still cannot shed the stereotypical image that has been instilled in the minds of mainstream Americans. Living in America tends to make the Asian Americans abandon their own culture and be conformed like the rest. Asian Americans with bicultural backgrounds have a harder time discovering their identity in the American society due to their appearances and cultural beliefs. It causes a huge dilemma for Asian Americans to keep their traditional cultural values and not be considered an American or give in to the American culture and try to become American.

When it comes to appearances, the American society is judgmental on what she/he looks like and people think they know who you are based on appearances. Appearances are a big factor that separates the Asian American from the Americans due to the image projected by the mass media and Hollywood such as the movies like Charlie Chan and Lotus Blossom that projected Asian Americans as submissive and if how Asian Americans must behave if they are to "fit in". Even though the United States has a diverse population, the image of an American will usually be someone who is white. The media has never equally represented Asian Americans, because people do not think that this is what American looks like. American society is known to be mainly the white characteristic such as blonde or brown hair and the blue or brown eyes, so anyone...