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Running Head: Baderman Island Resort

Organanizational Development

University of Phoenix

PSY 428 - Organizational Psychology

June 7, 2010

Baderman Island Resort

The Baderman Island Resort is a luxury style resort whom depends on its elite location, all-inclusive accommodations, and cultural attractions to catch the attention of its guests. Boardman Management Group is responsible for the operations of three hotels, several restaurants, two gift shops, a golf pro shop, and a spa. Baderman Island Resort attracts events such as company retreats, conventions, expositions, and family or couple vacations; which happen to be the key of growth for the resort. To assure the attraction and maintain revenue, the resort in combination with its staff must be able to provide a luxurious environment for its recreational guests and a world-class environment for its business clientele. This paper will present recommendations to improve the environment at Baderman Island Resort.

Creating Alliance

Baderman Island knows that their internal and external stakeholders; their employees and their guests, are the most valuable people for keeping their business a success. There are always ways to improve a business and they understand that. So the first strategy recommended for Baderman Island would be to reduce workplace stressors.

Role stressors, workload, work-family conflict, job insecurity, and organizational constraints are a few workplace stressors. Some specific stressors for Baderman Island employees could be that they feel overwhelmed since there is so much future development being planned, as well as never having a quiet calm workplace since tourists are always visiting. There are ways to reduce stressors though. "Organizational efforts to reduce the impact of job-related stressors generally take one of five forms: (1) stress management training, (2) reduction of stressors, (3) alternative work schedules and telecommuting, (4) family-friendly benefits, and (5) health and fitness programs"...