Banning Junk Food in Schools

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Banning junk food in schools

Health experts have found that junk food is harming students' health by allowing unlimited access to junk snacks. Several years ago, a study found that 95 percent of snacks and drinks available in school vending machines and cafeterias are unhealthy. Only 2 percent of the foods offered at schools are fresh or dried fruit. Almost all the schools in BC province in Canada offer fast food including hamburgers, hotdogs and cookies during the lunch and break time. Just take Oklahoma of USA as an example, 18.5 percent of the schools there offer fruits and vegetables, while 88.9 percent offer chocolate candy①. Schools are still making money by selling junk food at snack bars and in vending machines. On that account, junk food has been expelled from B.C. schools as the government starts the new school year on a health kick. Junk food should be banned and removed away from schools because it causes wide environmental damage, low levels of nutrition in the human body, and as well as diseases.

First of all, junk food causes environmental damage in many areas around the world. People have to cut down huge amount of trees everyday for producing wrapping papers for fast food restaurants all over the word. Every year, McDonald's use over a million tons of unnecessary plastic bags and paper packaging②. Just imagine the enormous trees in rainforests that had been cut down in the past few decades. And many of them that used to produce oxygen for human beings can not regenerate due to extensive deforestation. In addition to this, those plastic bags and wrapping papers will cause serious land pollution. Most of the packing garbage will ends up littering our streets or polluting the land buried in landfill sites. This is horrible since it...