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Dave and Busters: Deanna Hubert

Dave and Buster's, Inc. is a nationwide food and fun chain of huge adult-oriented complexes. D & B's combines everything from restaurants and bars to high-tech arcade games to shuffleboard games. Many refer to the establishment as the Chuck-E-Cheese for adults. D & B's mission statement is, "To deliver an unparalleled guest experience through the best combination of food, drinks and games in an ideal environment for celebrating all out fun" (Dave and Buster's, 2008).

Dave and Buster's is facing the same type of problem that Gene One is facing with the need for IPO capital for new product development and marketing if the company is to remain successful. D & B's started out with two guys by the names of David Corriveau and James "Buster" Corley. Their backgrounds did not have any management or finance experience much like Michelle Houghton in the Gene One scenario.

The two had experience working in a restaurant as well as dealing blackjack in Las Vegas and began sharing thoughts about what could prosper if they joined forced and created a grown up establishment combining food, spirits, and games. About a year was spent developing a rough design and in December of 1982 opened their first Dave and Buster's. It turned out to be hit from the start.

Over the years Dave and Buster's brought on a management team much like Gene One. Each specialized in different areas and they were considered the action team like the Gene One group. Of course, there were some issues but for the most part they all worked well together.

While Dave and Buster's competitors went after families and adults, they remained centered on the age group of 22 to 44. It was clear that Dave and Buster had a concept stirring...