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Role of US Constitution and US Legal System in Business Regulation


The United States Constitution is the absolute law of the United States was created as the foundation and basis of the legal authority essential to the existence the government of America. This document was implemented as the framework for the people and government to utilize as the most important legal safety measure to ensure the rights and freedoms of the country and to protect the states, citizen and all people within America from abuses of power. The three branches of the government are detailed within the Constitution: the Supreme Court heads the judicial branch, the president leads the executive branch, and the legislative branch which is made up of the Congress and Senate (Wikipedia, 2009).

The Bill of Rights as well as the First, Fifth and other Amendments were put in place to ensure that all citizens would live freely.

The legal configuration of the United States political system, establishes governmental bodies, and includes how members are selected as well as determining, and regulations by which the government body make decisions. From the beginning, the United States established a policy of freedom for all citizens to be able to say what they want, worship freely, and act using the safeguards as a guidepost for conducts in their lives. These freedoms and those like this were the building blocks that called those peoples of all nations to the shores of the United States in hope of living and worshiping freely.

The Bill of Rights was created to describe the first ten amendments to the Constitution. These amendments delineate rules that prohibit Congress from enacting laws respecting religious establishment and the freedom to worship, the right to bear arms, depriving liberty...