Business-to-Business Messages

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Business-to-Business Messages


Communication for humanity always played s a significant role. We use communication to preserve what we have and progress in our individual lives and as a society. Good communication in our world guaranties success and bad communication creates problems and is responsible for failure. Same applies to business communication where messages exchanged allow for maintaining of a relationship and accomplishment of projects and tasks that companies are involved in. Good management and true professionals understand that the ability to communicate is a necessity that helps everyone accomplish their work (Murphy, 1957). This paper will present analysis of three business to business messages using communication process and descriptive explanation of characteristics that would improve the messages. It will also include a message created by ABS Company asking to start a working relationship with XYZ Company. The unfavorable reply message to ABC Company will be presented with analysis and evaluation of both messages using communication process.


Business to business messages are exchanged between organizations in order to support every day of operation. Those messages and their quality are as good and professional as the people who generate them. Quite often the information imbedded in the message is incomplete or insufficient for the receiver to act on it exactly as the sender intended. Clarity and completeness of the message coupled with confirmation that the message was read and understood the same way as it was prepared is a recipe for successful communication exchange. There are business to business messages that may not be sufficient in content to convey sender's intend fully and they require some improvement. I will present three cases in which communication between two companies had room for improvement.

First example shows the communication that took place between my company, the sender and one of our vendors,