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Culture and Business Climates



Culture and Business Climates


Recent history has shown us that the world we live in today is no longer a world of separate nations with individual agendas and self sufficient economies. It is a world of many cultures that transcend traditional borders. I think we all agree that all people regardless of lifestyles or cultures are basically the same. Having said this it is also important to understand that in the business world there are hundreds of different cultures which need to be respected in order to be successful. With business globalization being more and more commonplace it is imperative that we educate ourselves in order to be understanding, respecting and open-minded regarding different cultures doing business here in America as well as us doing business overseas. Doing business overseas might seem like a daunting task at times but the reward of being proactive in this matter can be very rewarding.

In this paper we will look at four different countries in four different continents as to their cultures and business climates. We will also formulate a business plan in order to expand into these international markets.


The culture of Iraq one that is quite opposite of ours in many ways. This presents a number of challenges. Some of the freedoms and customs we take for granted are not part of the Iraq culture. Items such as freedom of religion, free speech, equal rights and the ability to express ourselves as individuals. Their culture is very strict on wavering from the Muslim traditions. Their views on non hetro sexuals, equality of women and the ability to "question the establishment" are some large stumbling blocks to overcome when trying...