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Technology Impact


Technology Impact

To understand the impact of technology upon customers, one must first determine what technology implies. Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary (2009) defines technology as

1. The practical application of knowledge in a particular area; medical technology

2. A manner of accomplishing a task especially using technical processes, method, or knowledge; new technologies for information storage

3. The specialized aspects of a particular field of endeavor; educational technology.

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the impact of technology regarding the introduction of automated technology to customers, ways value added from automated technology was proven, online support plan, and new relationships with technology partners and potentially enhanced improvements to customer service.

The 20th century was witness to one of the most prodigious transformations in technology and science humanity has had the privilege to experience. The speed with which the changes took place is dramatic; encompassing an enormous variety of individuals.

Gifted and talented leaders such as engineers, scientists, and inventors, using the impressive inventions form the 19th century, has given technology an environment for continuing expansion and development. In 1900, agriculture, communication, and transportation was principally a confined activity, however, at the turn of the century, Americans became a division of an interrelated global community. The related expansion of science and technology were also significant to the cultural and social changes of the era. Now, poised to begin the second decade of the 21st Century, technology is surging ahead with new changes that seem to appear daily. As a result, customers experience a considerable impact relating to technological changes.


Introduction of New Product

In regards to the implementation of the new product, the consumer did not anticipate the arrival of the automated phone system. With no prior warning a live voice answering, screening, and directing calls,