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Financial Statement Analysis


Financial Statement Analysis


Mr. Hal is looking to lay down the foundation for the Blue Chip Organization. The organization will focus on the distribution of technology and thus deals with the manufacturing of digital imaging Integrated Circuits (ICs) that are used in digital cameras, DVD players, computers, and medical and scientific instrumentation.


Sources of Funding For the New Venture and the Rationale for Using Each Source

In order for Mr. Hal Eichner to start his business, it is mandatory that a budget must be prepared. Also it should be in the back in the mind of Mr. Hal Eichner that if the resource he currently has is insufficient, he still has an option of borrowing money to get started and operate till the time there is a positive effect on the cash flow of Blue Chip Organization (Alred, Brusaw& Oliu, 2006).

To make the business a success venture, it is required that the organization of Blue Chip adopts the strategy of marketing effectively in order to take business to new heights. The plan for marketing reflects, what will be the position of the organization if it is able to carry out the strategies with effect. Thus this plan will be the overview the products to be offered by Blue Chip Organization.

Family and/or Friends

If Mr. Hal Eichner doesn't have faith in borrowing money from others he can get help from a friend or family member. This could turnout to be the best resource as they are the ones to trust and can understand the problems of business. The friend or family member may also ask for a Business Plan Copy before lending him the amount of money required. The friends and family members are those that could come...