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Career Development Plan IV- Compensation InterClean Inc

We have selected the very best sales staff members to join our new sales team, provided them with ample training and have created an effective method to evaluate performance. Considering our new corporate direction with regards to offering total sanitation solutions, we should reevaluate how compensation is provided to our sales team. InterClean Inc. will require a competitive compensation and benefits plan for staff members, which encourages and rewards productivity and performance. This plan should provide adequate compensation to the team members without compromising InterClean's ability to generate profits. The sales department is a perfect place to use an incentives based compensation plan. Productivity is easily measured based off monthly or quarterly sales data, along with customer satisfaction surveys and loyalty.

Our sales staff is our "lifeblood," without them InterClean Inc. could not survive as an organization. The team members are required to find our clients, establish relationships and maintain those relationships.

The services they provide are absolutely crucial to the rest of the company as a whole. Because of this, our sales staff will need to be compensated in a way that illustrates their value to the company and encourages the very best out of them. The compensation plan will require 3 basic components, a small base pay, a variable (commission) pay for sales earned and a periodic performance bonus.

The small base pay allows for staff members to receive a wage when sales are slow. The company acknowledges that the sales staff members have families and obligations that must be looked after and that a strictly incentives based salary structure is not feasible. The variable and performance bonus is where the bulk of the staff members pay will be received. The variable based pay will be linked to new sales generated...