The Challenges of My Typical Student: Human Development and Learning

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The Challenges of My Typical Student

Lauryn Boorstein

Northampton Community College



The challenges of teaching a student with any disability can be very challenging, as teachers we need to stay motivated in teaching these children everything we can. My job as a future educator is to know a wide understanding of my student's capabilities in a classroom. It is also important for me to stay educated in all of the theories that educational psychologist invented. I will be using the theories that I learned from these noble educational psychologist in my classroom. Knowing your students abilities in learning, will just make you a better teacher in the long run. "My typical student" in the following research paper is based from my brother, Michael Boorstein, who suffers from mild autism. �

The Challenges of My Typical Student

Introduction to My Student

As a special education teacher you have to have an expansive understanding of your student's capabilities in the classroom.

The student I will be teaching is a ten year old male who has been diagnosed with mild autism. Autism, also called autistic disorder, is a neurological and developmental disorder that appears usually before the age of three. A child with autism appears to live in his/her own world, showing little interest to others, and a lack of social awareness. The focus of an autistic child is a consistent routine that includes concentration in repeating odd and uncharacteristic behaviors. Autistic children generally have problems in communication, avoid eye contact, and show limited attachment to others (Meduri & Lyness, 1995-2009). Special education teachers need to have a good understanding of children with autism, in order to teach them correctly. It is important that you know...