Child Observation

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Child Observation

Jacqueline Ortiz

BSHS 361 - Child Development

Instructor: Michael M. Rogers

University of Phoenix, Pasadena, California


Child Observation

The child that I observed was an 18-month old boy that I will refer to as James. James is an active child who loves to interact with all his family members. His parents are married and live in a small city in Orange County. He comes from a middle class family which consists of his parents and two sisters. I observed James at the Coronado Café at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The observation took place in the evening over dinner.

The observation started in the main casino area at the South Point Hotel and Casino. I observed from afar and did not notify the family till after my observation was completed. James's dad was allowed him to walk through the casino.

His dad kept him within the bounds of the walkway prompting him when he would divert into the crowds or towards the gambling machines. James coordination while walking was slightly unstable at times. He would start out walking and it would turn into a fast stride. Eventually his father took him back into the Coronado Café to sit down with his family for dinner. Once James entered the Coronado Café he sat in his highchair and interacted with his dad. James would talk loud when he would want something from his father. If his father did not interact with him constantly he would raise his voice to get his attention (University of Alabama). James solely interacted with his father at the table during my observation even though his mother and sisters were present. James's dad would take the initiative and play with...