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Coastal County Clerk of Court Benchmarking Worksheet

Task A: Problem/Opportunity Statement

Instructions for Task A: In the Response row, write out the problem/opportunity statements for the scenario for each of the team members.

Response to Task A:

Kimberly Huddle: When it comes to the Clerk of Courts in Coastal County, they are facing serious issues that are currently having a negative impact in the organization. The first issue that they are currently facing deals with the lack of new technology. Even though, taking into consideration that the former Clerk of Courts was praised highly for keeping an immaculate budget, he should have actually invested in updating the technology within their organization. By implementing the new technology it would present a much more relaxed and community focused atmosphere. Their population was growing, they had a substantial increase in property development and these two things together called for a new technology that was currently unavailable. The court was criticized for not having a website. In the technological era of today, if you do not have a website for your organization you are considered somewhat archaic.

The second issue that the Clerk of Courts faced was with the inability to implement a "conflict prevention" measure within their organization. (Dana, Ch1)

Generic Benchmarking-The purpose of generic benchmarking is to identify potential solutions to the problem statements defined in Task A. You will do this by looking at how companies in other industries have dealt with similar issues.

Task B1: Generic Benchmarking: Topics

Instructions for Task B1: In the Response row, identify the topics for which you need information in order to identify potential solutions to the problems identified in Task A.

In the Response row, list three to five topics that you will research in peer-reviewed journals, on Web sites, and...