The Constitution

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The Constitution

The Constitution is something we take for granted, maybe even too much. Imagine the dream that was put into the country when the founding fathers wrote the constitution. First the background of the founding fathers has to be understood, we can then understand the government for the people, and then the dream can be more understood. Dreams like "We the people" united as one (Constitution Preamble).

The four main fathers we focus on were in secret societies and were very religious. This country was founded on a belief in God. When the fathers wrote the Constitution it was based on a belief in God, if you take that then you destroy the country that was formed from it. Their work goes to waste. George Washington was a very religiously active general. When there was no chaplain available he would lead in the chaplain's place. He was very prayerful.

Benjamin Franklin was very intelligent and still had the belief in God. His virtues were based on becoming perfect, because it can be achieved through work. Thomas Jefferson was Christian and very into it, but was slandered for being atheist, he took advantage of the slandering so that he would have time to read moral books every night, which was one of his rituals. George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were Freemasons (Hieronimus 73). Even though they may have belonged different or the same societies they had one common vision, a free country that would last through all time. The founders based our constitution on tried and true principles. A good example is Jamestown, they wanted to be able to have commodities without work, sounds like socialism, so they tried it and it never worked and that is why you hear of the Jamestown rule; no work, no eat. They tried...