Consumer Resource Paper

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Consumer Resource Paper


Health information is found almost everywhere it seems, but how reliable is this information? The purpose of this paper is to identify and determine the reliability of health information found on the internet, print material, and health experts. Examples of reliable sources and unreliable sources are offered to demonstrate the difference between the two.


Receiving health information or purchasing medical supplies online before determining whether or not the website has been deemed credible could have adverse effects on your body. Products found online might not be fitted by a healthcare professional and may actually do more harm to the body than good. The website may also make claims about their products which are unproven. Receiving information from a non-credible website may result in an incorrect diagnosis or unnecessary tests. Some people might even make unnecessary lifestyle changes based on inaccurate information or poor medical devices.

In some cases, people may not even receive the treatment they need.

When researching the credibility of a product online one must first start by analyzing the website. The first clue to determining the credibility of a website is the advertisements. Advertisements which make unproven claims of having the 'miracle cure' reflect poorly on the homepage their on. Credible medical websites should have privacy and security policies. They should also have the company's street address and telephone line. The required licenses should also be found on the website.

The safety of the health products purchased online is detrimental to the health and wellness of the recipient. An unreliable company might sell products which do not meet the Canadian Health requirements. These products might be counterfeit, second hand/used, not stored properly, or even recalled. There is no way to determine whether these products are sterile, in tact, labeled properly, or have...