Control Mechanisms of Wal mart

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Control Mechanisms of Wal-Mart

Without the effectiveness of control, the successes of most companies would be easily faltered. Wal-Mart, being one of the World's largest retail chains, has established itself as a global leader, and not without having a defined plan of action. Through varying efforts and countless control regulation, this retail giant has secured itself within the industry. Throughout this paper, an address will be made to the control mechanisms that Wal-Mart uses within its normal business practices. In addition, a reflection will be made on how the control functions are utilized and what measures are taken to monitor such measures within management.

Control mechanisms are the functions which help maintain the processes of companies to reach their goals. Wal-Mart is a large corporation whose goals include making the products that people need available, at lower prices. The controls which are implemented at Wal-Mart are various but are strictly enforced.

Wal-Mart typically uses market control; placing a monetary value upon its products. Wal-Mart also uses clan control by receiving input from its employees to achieve better promotions for the public. These controls are important to prosper efficiently in the business world; they also increase customer and employee satisfaction.

Wal-Mart's success is motivated by control mechanisms that are regulated and constantly evaluated. Four examples of these control mechanisms at Wal-Mart are scale in purchasing, a cost advantage, a strong position in the value network, and minimal employee benefits. Each of these four mechanisms has put Wal-Mart in the forefront of retail giants. Scale in purchasing concerns the large volume of items bought. Because of this large volume Wal-Mart is able to purchase at a lower price and pass that savings on to the customer. That brings one to...