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Jordan Vitelli

English 230: Mythology

Prof. Otero-Piersante

Creation Mythology: Exam 1, Part 2-Essay 1

18, March, 2010 What Is the Purpose of Cosmogony?

The purpose of Cosmogony is to study the origin and evolution of the universe.

Attempting to grasp and retain all of the creation myths can be a hefty task, therefore, I do not claim to know much of these creation myths yet. From what I have learned, there seems to be a strong correlation of sexuality between the Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and Indian creation myths. "When I rubbed my fist my heart came into my mouth in that I spat forth Shu and expectorated Tefnut" (Leeming 18). Now, whatever is moist he created from semen…" (Leeming 31). Masturbation, in nearly all cases mentioned, is done solely for the purpose of creating new life.

Hierarchy also has a large spot amongst Greek gods, such as Atum-Re, Shu, Tefnut, in which who are all derived from each other.

This hierarchy in many of the creation myths creates somewhat of a desire for destruction of each other. Hierarchy only seems to bring chaos in these stories. However, from my perspective, the Hebrew creation story seems to set itself aside from the other creation stories. Although the book suggests that the Hebrew story owes something to the concept of Tiamat in the Babylonian Enuma elish, I find many contradictions between the two stories (Leeming 24). In the book of Genesis, God speaks or 'breathes' everything into existence. This involves no manual form of masturbation or sexual stimulation, in which this act often precedes new life in many other creation myths. Many Christians would frown upon the act of masturbation. Onan, in the Old Testament, is believed to have been killed by God for masturbating (The Holy Bible. Genesis 38:6-9).