Critically Evaluate Existing Practices of Dubai Bank in Uae and The Relationship of Its Practices and the Recruitment

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We will critically evaluate existing practices of Dubai bank in UAE and the relationship of theory of practices and the recruitment. Since its launch in September 2002, Dubai Bank has challenged traditional banking practices by placing service, transparency and convenience at the forefront of its operations and introducing unique products and services to the market. On January 1, 2007, the Bank became a Shari 'a compliant financial institution. As a Shari 'a compliant institution, all of the Bank's business activities are carried out in a manner that ensures compliance with the standards of ethical banking that are currently followed by a number of banks around the globe. To meet the high standards you expect, everything we do is vetted by the well respected and prominent scholars on our Shari 'a Board.

At Dubai Bank our approach to banking is quite different. It believes in providing fresh and innovative solutions for our customers, both Emirates and expatriates.

We understand the demands of the modern world and how we live today. Whether it's international travel, saving for a future goal, investing in property or buying a new car, greater financial flexibility makes life easier. Our solution is simple - to offer modern, relevant banking products and services that meet these demands while comfortably fitting with the Islamic way of life. Our range of Shari 'a compliant products and services are delivered with dynamism and excellence in service and quality, with a focus on customer needs, both retail and corporate, to build long-lasting relationships.


The reports shows effective performance appraisal systems help to create a motivated and committed workforce. To be effective they require the support of top management to show their commitment and to translate organizational goals and objectives into personalized employee specific objectives. Explains a framework for the implementation...