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Current Event Report II

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Obama Reverses Bush Policy on Stem Cell Research

Obama Reverses Bush Policy on Stem Cell Research

The article that I chose for my current event report is about the ban on federal funding being lifted for stem cell research. In 2001, formal President George Bush limited federal funding for embryonic stem cell research to 21 stem cell lines by placing a ban on it, he stated that "Extracting the stem cell destroys the embryo, and thus destroys its potential for life". On Monday, March 09, 2009, President Barack Obama lifted the eight year old ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research that Bush had placed into effect. President Obama believed that these tiny cells may possibly cure some of our most devastating diseases.

President Barack Obama overturned the restriction and is requesting more funds to be used for the stem cell research and he also lifted the prohibition on U.S.

funding for international groups that promote abortion and proposed rescinding job protections for health care workers who refuses to perform procedures that conflicts with their moral beliefs. This is the third time that President Obama had to reversed Bush era policies at the intersection of public health goals and ethical questions in regards to the human nature of life.

The article stated that "President Obama said that '…majority of American support lifting the federal funding ban, which would allow researchers to begin using hundreds of already-created embryonic stem cell lines for work on cures for cancer, heart diseases, and other illnesses". So as to fence off scientific research from political influence, President Obama signed the order and a second memo so as to shield it from...