Decision Making

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Decision Making

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MGT 350

Sofi Choi

March 14, 2009

University Of Phoenix


No matter what type of organization that a person might work for there is always someone that has to make a decision concerning a problem within that organization and somehow this decision could impact you, your family and even your community. Understanding the thought processes involved in solving problems and making decisions can offer the firm foundation that businesses and management personnel need to ensure success when faced with difficulty. The following paragraphs display examples of how different organizations have faced the problems presented using creative thinking, appropriate research and preparation, and made the right decisions which ensured that the organizations stakeholders received the best advantages that could be attained within their organizations.

Problem identification at the University of Phoenix begins with the enrollment counselors.

The enrollment counselors identify many of the problems that arise because they are the first line of defense and the ones handling the day to day operations. The key to handling this job is that a problem should not be brought forth unless there is a solution accompanying that problem. The enrollment counselors do not have to have the best solution to the problem but effort should be shown that they are looking to find a solution for the problem. The counselors of the University of Phoenix are trained to report the problems, ideas, and solutions to the immediate management team for assistance. Generally problems are not presented to the management team one by one. Each counselor is offered the opportunity to meet as a team, collaborate the problems each counselor is experiencing, come up with the solutions as a team using techniques like...