Decision of Uncertainty

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Decision of Uncertainty

Teodora Adames

University of Phoenix



Banks call center have become an integral part of customer satisfaction. Using data to analyze customer need and trends is necessary. The data collected needs to be analyzed by using several measurement tools can generate the information desired from a random sample. A random sample was analyzed to determine the answer time. The data results were used to make recommendations. Results, using the confidence level suggested that wait time was too long.�

Decision of Uncertainty


Accurate data collection is essential to maintaining the integrity of research. Data collection helps an organization identify their weak points and come up with a plan of action to improve or correct the weak point. Both the selection of appropriate data collection instruments (existing, modified, or newly developed) and clearly delineated instructions for their correct use reduce the likelihood of errors occurring.

The author of this paper researched the collected data on wait time in a call center. The author will interpret and analyze the data using confidence levels, which is a widely used probability method.


If the cable television goes out, a phone call to the cable company goes out to get it fixed. Does a real person answer the call? These days, probably not. It is far more likely that you will hear an automated response. The caller will probably be offered several options, such as: to order cable service, press one; for questions about your bill, press two; to add new channels, press three; to speak to a customer representative, press four. Callers will become frustrated if they have to wait too long before speaking to a live voice. Therefore, companies try hard to minimize the time required to...