Decisions in Paradise

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Decisions in Paradise II

Gloria Dorkowski

University of Phoenix

Mgmt 350

Dr. Kathleen Bates

December 1, 2008


According to (2008), "decision-making, also referred to as problem solving, is the process of recognizing a problem or opportunity and finding a solution to it." The Florida educational system encourages students to learn as unique individuals, each needing different learning plans, or paths toward the achievement of high standards of education. A progressive educational system in Kava will result in a community which works together so all students will reach their highest potential. This paper will discuss techniques that can be applied in the decision-making process and how the educational system will establish a significant and positive presence in Kava that will be long lasting.

Decision-making techniques:

Decision-making is complex and understanding the opportunities from different perspectives is of vital significance. Six Thinking Hats helps the educational system look at important decisions from different perspectives.

It helps organizations look outside of the box. Decisions and strategies will blend desired goals, compassion, creativity, execution skills and abilities, and good contingency planning.

The Black Hat views matters in a cautious and defensive approach. This technique analyzes ideas that might not work. Black Hat spots potential critical failings and prepares a contingency or backup plan to counteract potential problems. Thinking positively is fantastic but organizations sometimes are accustomed so much that they are unable to predict possible problems in the future. The Blue Hat represents development control. Committee chairpersons wear this hat to neutralize conflicts that occur when persons have different critical thinking styles. The Green Hat represents creativity. Ideas are encouraged. The Red Hat approach views decisions with emotion and intuition. The next trait is the Yellow Hat way of thinking. This way of...