Decisions in Paradise, Part 1

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Decisions in Paradise, Part 1

Monique Cone


May 31, 2010

Edward Dempsey


Decisions in Paradise, Part 1

Nik first business trip to the island of Kava had not turned out as imagined, like visiting paradise on earth, Kava presented quite a different reality for eager young Nik. While AT&T had established a modern workplace in the U.S. with a staff of several hundred employees, the Kava site was shockingly dreadful with a rundown trailer as a temporary office and one other employee, Alex, Nik manager, who at first was mistaken for administrative staff. Alex, the director of strategic planning, is the leader of the Kava operation. Alex reports to Chris who manages his staff from the U.S. After a brief and somewhat awkward introduction, the two began an informational session to identify the several problems and issues facing management.

The following list reveals their findings with possible effects noted: 1.Population: The local population is made up of over 50% youth ages 15 and under. AT&T having headquarters in the U.S. should conduct research and analyze the population to obtain a better understanding of the population and the needs of the community. Furthermore being headquarters in the U.S. with a potential for enforcement of strict employment guidelines of underage minors especially in work areas declared hazardous by the Secretary of Labor.

2. Religion: Religions vary from 50% indigenous to a 50% mix of Christian, Buddhist, and Islamic. With a diverse culture where various religious believes an ethics policy should be developed to ensure a low risk of discrimination.

3. Helping organizations: Other helping organizations such as governmental services, community organizations and businesses may seek detailed information as to the research and development efforts. However, each of...