Decisions in Paradise Part 3

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Decisions in Paradise Part 3

Monique Cone


June 14, 2010

Edward Dempsey


Decisions in Paradise Part 3

This paper will show: 1) determining factors affecting decision implementation, 2) evaluating resources and actions required for decision implementation and 3) evaluating ethical implications from stakeholder perspectives.

Determining factors affecting decision implementation determining factors affecting decision implementation involved importance weighing, brainstorming and starbursting to determine the significance of each issue and decide where to start. Based on Nick previous research and decisions the impacts of natural disasters appear to be the highest concern followed by inferior health and education levels. In order to bring immediate relief to Kava Island and its inhabitants AT&T chose the following plan for implementation of humanitarian aid: Natural Disasters:

1) World Wide Disaster Relief [sic] will take over search and rescue missions and recovery cleanup projects and resource management with monetary assistance as well as rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts and law and order personnel from AusAid and appropriate monetary donations from AT&T.

2) WFP will take over receiving, transport, storage and distribution of emergency ration, medical supplies, temporary shelter and so forth from all donating organizations to include but not limited to: AT&T, World Wide Disaster Relief [sic], AusAid and so forth. 3) DUA will provide temporary monetary relief for all unemployed inhabitants of Kava Island due to loss of jobs during reconstruction and rehabilitation of the area.

2) Inferior Health: AT&T will take over medical rehabilitation of Kava inhabitants, provide temporary medical facilities in the form of temporary shelters such as tents or trailers, medical supplies and equipment and qualified medical personnel with monetary and medical assistance from AusAID to help set up, manage and support medical facilities to include combine AT&T and...