Describe and analyse a lesson you have attended

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Part 1

Question 1

Describe a lesson you have either taught or attended. Note down the participants, the activities undertaken, the learning outcomes, the interaction, the materials used and classroom organization.

Participants and classroom organisation

The learner group consisted of sixteen adult students (one woman and fifteen men), all with asylum or refugee status. The learning level was pre-beginners and the location was an offsite campus of the City College where only refugees and asylum seekers were being taught English from teachers working for the government funded Basic Skills programme. The classroom tables were organised into three groups and the students could choose their own seat. There were four to six students around each group of tables. The observed teacher had one year's experience working with ESOL students but had about four years of experience as an English tutor working for private language schools in Asia and Europe.

Activities, interaction and materials used

The lesson began with a recap of the previous week's content and the teacher asked questions such as, "What is the day today?" and gave some help, "Monday, Tuesday…?" and then "What is the day tomorrow?" The teacher selected individual students to answer and then gestured to some of them to come up to the board and write down their answers.

Some students wrote with capitals and some with lower case. The teacher looked at the other students and said, "ok?" which meant that peers were asked to review and correct the spelling if necessary, the teacher then corrected any remaining mistakes.

The next activity was also a recap. The teacher showed the students self-made flashcards of a morning, an afternoon and an evening. He asked all the students what each card showed by asking, "What time?" and then asked one student to spell out the word...