Determining Your Perfect Position

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Determining Your Perfect Position

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March 08, 2010

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Determining Your Perfect Position

This paper is about determining your perfect position. This paper will focus on a position in Valero Corner Store that would best suit me. There will be a discussion on that role and how it would benefit the organization and be most successful. There will be a discussion on the strength and weaknesses of my leadership style. A discussion will be on a compare and contrast of leadership theories that are in this week's readings.

Valero Corner Store

Valero Corner Store is a convenient store that has been serving several communities for decades. The company has been successful for years in keeping their customers satisfied. Valero takes pride in the products they sale and always put their customers best interest first in every decision they make.

They listen to their customers whether through complaints or suggestions (Valero Marketing and Supply Company, 2010). I have been working there for almost two decades.

The Best Position

The best position for me at Valero Corner Store is in management or leadership. These position best suits me mainly because I possess the necessary skills and I am qualified for the position. These positions were held by me in the organization several years before and I stepped down for family reasons which have been resolved after all my children have graduated high school. I am called upon to manage when the manager and assistant manager is unavailable at her job. I have trained employees who are now able to do their job successfully without assistance. I know what steps to take when a situation occurs as well...