Development of Snowmobile

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Development of Snowmobile

Introduction to Snowmobiles

Snowmobiles are known to be one of the best leisure vehicles for winters. Snowmobiling is such a thrilling activity for people of all ages. It is workable on ice as well as on terrain. At times, this activity can be dangerous if precautionary measures are not taken. It can be used for many purposes including hunting, traveling and for rescue or search reasons (Poole, 1982). Snowmobile is a massive creation just like a car as it can move very nicely on the snow. It can move tremendously and can go up to a speed of 120 kilometer per hour (km/h).

Now-a-days, the snowmobile has an average cruise of approximately 80 km/h but the stronger and faster racer snowmobiles can accelerate up to 190 km/h (Poole, 1982). Any accident or mishap at such enormous speed can lead to very serious damage to the rider (Negri, 1970).

Basic Rules and Regulations for Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling has its rules and regulation that are mandatory for safety purposes. These simple little basic rules and regulations can keep a snowmobile operator has safe and comfortable has possible.

Drinking is prohibited,

All children should be supervised by an adult,

The rider must have registration for the vehicle all the times,

The rider must know the hand signals for motion,

The snowmobile should not be driven on a public road, street, or highway,

Helmet is a must for protection,

The rider should know his/her performance as a rider,

Ice must be at least 12, or 5 inches if riding on ice.

History and Development of Snowmobiles

The fun activity of Snowmobiling was initiated approximately 40 years earlier which means people learnt flying before mastering the art of snowmobiling. In...