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Diversity Concept Worksheet

University of Phoenix

August 2, 2010


Application of Concept in your personal and/or professional life

Reference to Concept in Reading

The NGO's and Rights Movement

I never knew that the Rainbow Coalition or the National Association Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was formed from the NGO's for the rights of African Americans. I sometimes felt like the "token" black girl in some of my social groups and when I attended grade school because I was the only black person. I am grateful that my ancestors fought for certain rights like equal education and integration.

"NGO formation is another major trend of contemporary political organization that poses a challenge to existing states." "NGOs tend to question government authority at various levels, sometimes militantly." "Minority groups demand certain "rights." (Kottak,2003, Ch. 3)

The Power of Culture

I am from South Florida and there are certain neighborhoods where you will find a community of the same cultures. All of the Jews live in a certain neighborhood, the same goes for Haitians and Mexicans. All of the stores and signs reflect their culture.

"The power of a shared cultural background, we are most likely to feel comfortable with people from our own culture." (Kottak,2003, Ch. 2)



Facebook , Myspace and cell phones are all aides to Socialcultural Transformation. Everyone has a cellphone to communicate with ones. Especially now that the cellphones have the pictures where you can see who you are talking to. It is easier to communicate with others from different counties.

"Technological change is the prime mover of social and cultural transformation." "Human life is now determined chiefly by access to and application of technology and ideas in a global market economy. (Kottak,2003, Ch. 4)


I work in a government office so we do not offer other cultures around the holiday by display "Merry Christmas" signs and Santa Claus pictures. Others may celebrate Kwanza, Hanukkah, or nothing at all. Some instead we display winter items such as wreaths and snowflakes to show the holiday spirit.

Multiculturalism differs from assimilation and pluralism (1) by recognizing a multiplicity of legitimate cultural cores, or centers; (2) by acknowledging cultural criteria as the source of group formation; and (3) by promoting democratization and equity among groups. (Kottak,2003, Ch. 4)

Diaspora and Postmodernity

In my old neigherhood we had an area called little Haiti. It was said that you could go there to acquire such this as magic spells and voodoo that came come straight from the county of Haiti. The people who you would get the spells from were said to be descendants of witchcraft now living in America making a living off of their counties beliefs. Most of the children attend schools to learn the American ways but the parents still spoke the native language and receive minor jobs.

"Diaspora-the offspring of an area who have spread to many lands. Postmodernity describes our time and situation-today's world in flux, with people on the move who have learned to manage multiple identities depending on place and context." (Kottak,2003, Ch. 3)



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