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In Order to Kill…..

In order to succeed at a particular hobby someone enjoys in life, he or she must be dedicated to that hobby. This is no different in the sport of hunting, especially the whitetail deer. To become an accomplished hunter, the season does not start that second Saturday in November, when millions of orange-blazed weekend warriors hit the woods. It really begins in the weeks following the previous hunting seasons end. Unlike many outdoor hobbies deer hunting is not like many where one can start and stop at their own leisure and still obtain success. Even though everyone still does not meet his or her goals, all in all successful deer hunting results from a mix of good preparation, dedication, and a little luck.

Similar to many of Hollywood's fabrications on television, deer hunting is not as easy as the professionals make it seem. As many individuals believe hunting is as simple as stepping into the woods, waiting a few moments, and harvesting the kill.

If it truly was that easy, the sport would be cut out for an everyday average person. Unfortunately it's not! To kill that "buck of a lifetime", someone must be willing to put in the time and effort. This time starts in the post-season when one must take time to scout and record the deer in his or her hunting area (Shaklin 1). Scouting includes everything from searching the land for traces of down deer, to shed antlers so the hunter knows what bucks are remaining for seasons to come. When one gathers this information it is a good idea to keep a log and record book for easy referral. When the post-season work comes to an end, hunters receive their only true downtime because it is yet to cold to begin...