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What is the one thing all of us wish we had more of? Time, and when it comes to taking our children to the doctor we waste the majority of that time waiting. Waiting for the doctor who is running behind schedule or worse waiting in traffic to get to the doctor in the first place. Well what if I said to you there was a doctor who really took control of his operation and after identifying some opportunities decide he would make his operation the gold standard in childcare. Well that such doctor is Dr. Shafer who believes the basis to any doctor/ patient relationship is communication and respect. As you continue on in this paper you will discover just how he and his team accomplished what many think is impossible. In a day & age where people are getting less for their money Dr. Shafer and team are reinventing the wheel and all it took was planning, research and communication.

The purpose of this paper is to analyze and present concepts of project management as applied in the Dr. Shafer scenario. The scenario is one where Dr. Shafer has designed a medical office that has an excellent record of meeting appointment times. Question relating to the exact process and design will be answered and explained. This paper will also explore concepts such as forecasting and project management and will include a schedule for a typical day.

Features of the appointment scheduling system that was crucial in capturing "many grateful patients"

"Good doctor-patient relations begin with both parties being punctual for appointments" (from case scenario). The second factor for this relationship is organized and lean scheduling. Third is flexible appointment scheduling. The fourth is a respectful and convenient appointment system. I will address these relationships below as listed...