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Elizabeth the Golden Age

Elizabeth the Golden Age


The cinematic wonder that is Elizabeth: the Golden Age takes place in 1558, when, after the death of Mary I of England, Elizabeth, who is Mary's illegitimate half sister, inherited the throne thus becoming Elizabeth, Queen of England. It is a concern to the court especially Sir Francis Walsingham, that Elizabeth remains unmarried and without issue to inherit the throne. This places her throne in danger to her cousin Mary Queen of Scots who is next in line to rule. Despite the wishes of the court and her advisors Elizabeth would remain childless and unmarried through out her reign.

As Elizabeth holds court she receives a brash explorer named Walter Raleigh who presents her with spoils taken from Spanish ships. Accepting these gifts with the exception of the Spanish gold, further infuriates the Spanish Ambassador and Spain who already experiences a tenuous relationship with England.

Phillip joins forces with the Jesuits, who are men that follow the teachings of the Catholic Church, to plot the assassination of Elizabeth so Mary Queen of Scots can replace her. Mary who is imprisoned is communicating with the Jesuits agrees to the assassination of Elizabeth and her part in replacing her on the throne. Anthony Babington is recruited and appointed for the assassination which is known as "The Babington Plot" (Tudorplace, n.d.). While Elizabeth is in the Cathedral praying, Anthony bursts in, shooting at her. Elizabeth survives the assassination plot because the gun was not loaded with real bullets but instead with blanks. Mary's culpability in the assassination plot Elizabeth is forced to behead her and it is revealed that Philip planned to use Mary's execution as a catalyst to wage war against England.

The Spanish fleet outnumbered the...