Employee Privacy Report

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Employee Privacy Report

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Employee Privacy Report

The every increasing need for employees to access the Internet during their daily course of business has brought about several concerns regarding employee privacy in the workplace. Businesses and organizations have recognized that Internet access can help employees increase customer satisfaction, pursue sales leads, and reduce the cost of doing business. Companies provide employees with computers and laptops in order to access the Internet and to send and receive e-mail. Many employees mistakenly think that the e-mail messages they send and receive and the Internet browsing that they do is private. Electronic information transmitted or received on company equipment is not private. Most organizations implement security controls such as passwords and firewalls in order to ensure privacy; however, the company still can monitor employee usage.

Most organizations have an Internet use policy of some kind that outlines what the organization considers as acceptable use of company resources to access the Internet and what privacy rights employees do and do not have.

Privacy Policies

Individual organizations have a responsibility to establish what is considered appropriate use of the Internet and e-mail by its employees. Policies and procedures should provide guidelines on usage and specify whether personal use is permitted. My organization is committed to protecting employee privacy but also makes it clear that electronic information transmitted and received on company equipment belongs to the company. The company's Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy outlines how access will be granted, appropriate use, personal usage, storage, and personal privacy. The policy makes it clear that the company considers all information transmitted or received on company equipment belongs to the company and that employees should not expect that any messages...