End Of Life : Research On Various Websites

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End of Life: Research on various websites about the end of life

Having researched extensively on the end of life websites, these resources provided their views on the following topics:- Physician Assisted Suicide: A Christian perspective from the Massachusetts Council of Churches; Reasons for Euthanasia; Declaration of Euthanasia -A Vatican perspective and Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide- views expressed by the Canadian Medical Association.

On the issue of Physician Suicide, a proposed legislation that would decriminalize physician assisted suicide (PAS) was introduced in the Massachusetts state legislature in 1997. Although, the bill thus far has not received approval from the Committee of Health Care, it undoubtedly will be reconsidered regularly.

Based on this proposed legislation, The Council of Churches made a statement saying, " We have the treasure in earthen vessels , to show that the transcendent power belongs to God and not to us (2 Cor. 4:7 RSV). The Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Council of Churches has spent much time discussing the ethical issues involved in legislation about physician assisted suicide.

They have taken up the initiated to advocate against the controversial public policy issue because it raises basic questions of the meaning of morality, faith, belief and of value-topics about which Christians and Christian churches should have to say since death and resurrection are central part of the Christian story.

Regarding the issue of physician assisted suicide, the website is credible because The Massachusetts Council of Churches is a well established organization and has a reputation for addressing issues that are legally, socially and religiously affecting the human person

The reasons given for euthanasia in the website http://www.euthnasia.com to relieve a person from unbearable pain. Probably the second most common point pro-euthanasia people bring up is this so-called "right." There are many Americans that are in...