Environmental Ethical System Paper

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Environmental Ethical System Paper

We have different values and ethical beliefs regarding environmental issues. The important principles of ecofemisism, pluralism, and environmental pragmatism are discussed and debated on. Many individuals do not understand their part in the environmental destruction that is going on throughout the natural world today.

Pragmatism focuses on context in truth and value. Pragmatism is often described as a radical empiricism. Empiricism states that all knowledge is gained from experiences; pragmatism points out the particulars of experiences. Pragmatists realize that certain methods and resources that are attained to solve problems depends on the specifics of individual situations. With this theory no one side wins over the other common ground is found (Desjardins 2006, p. 265). Pragmatism stresses the particularities of knowledge and understanding.

Pluralism is the alternative to monism and relativism theories it rejects the monist view that is only one correct answer in ethics, and the relativism view that there can not be no right answer (Desjardins 2006, p.

262). Pluralists accept the possibility that more than one basic approach to environmental issues can be justifiable. For example, when a doctor diagnoses symptoms to give the proper medical attention he will use a variety of medications, surgeries, exercise, rest, nutrition, and counseling to a aid their patient in finding a solution to illness. Medicine is not a science of seeking one right answer, doctors decide when and where to apply the necessary tools where they fell is applicable (Desjardins 2006, p. 264).

Ecofeminism is not identified with a specific person or theory which is a general perspective on ecological issues. Ecofeminism involves feminist philosophies in the analysis of ecological issues to unearth similarities between the oppression of women and the oppression of nature. Social ecology and ecofeminism look to society to discover the underlying causes of...