Ethical in Terms of Humanity

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� DC 108 Professional and Behavior Management Assignment 2

This essay will explain more about ethical behaviour in hospitality and tourism industry. Discuss about a problem that always happen in tourism industry, because of having a bad ethical conduct. Explain the importance of showing a good ethical manner in the workplace. This essay also concern about how to fix a problem which can be happen anytime and everywhere at the workplace. The best solution is discussed in this essay to gives the best idea for solving the problem matter.

Ethic is the most important matter in a real life. Behaving and acting by following code ethics can guide people to be a better person. A person who do not act and behave the ethical conduct can make themselves not acceptable by others people. A good ethical conduct can makes relationship between people grow stronger because it builds the feelings of believe between each other.

Every single person has a different perception of judging which is the right thing or a bad thing. Sometimes good things can be seen bad by others people, but in the other way of thinking bad things can be seen as a good things. Code ethic is really needed to make people having a limitation of act. By following the way of ethic can makes someone successfully achieving their own will in career. Respecting other people in all terms is also important because the way other people respecting us is depending on how we treat them. In the society, rules and law were given to the citizen to makes sure that the citizen is not making something that could break ethical conduct. Living in the world without rules and law to control people behaviour can makes people out of their mind and doing something that isn't...