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Ethics Awareness Inventory Analysis

University of Phoenix


March, 19th 2010

Instructor: Elizabeth Hoyle


Ethics Awareness defines as the philosophical study of moral values based on the concept of right or wrong. Ethics Awareness is a program needed to evaluate everyone's decision making and be held accountable for that decision. Every person view right or wrong from their own prospective, it is important to understand and realize the ethical standards that every individual was taught or brought up with as a child which reflect his or her prospective. Persons prospective can be considered as the individual perception of moral values; some people base their ethical views on characters, obligation, result, and or equity.

According to Williams, L.2002 "The people that do so, tend to look at virtues and ask themselves "what is good to be rather than what is good to do". Thus, we try to achieve moral excellence by concentrating on one's virtues.

It is not enough to simply comply with current ethical standards; one must have integrity, honesty, benevolence, justice, honor, and wisdom to be ethical. Simply put, a mere compliance with laws, regulations, and customs does not make anyone ethical. The person must also have a good character and continually strive to be morally good. I often tend to ask myself whether the particular people I come in contact with are of good character. On the surface, they may appear good, but I try to look beneath the obvious and seek their true virtues. While I certainly tolerate those that I do not see as ethical, my relationship with them only tends to be professional and perhaps social, but not personal. It is not surprising that because I am so focused on the character issue, that I see many people as unethical. Because...