Ethics Game Simulation

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Running head: Ethics Game Simulation

Ethics Game Simulation

Richard Lawson

MGT/216 Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility

Richard Hubbard



Ethics Game Simulation

The Ethics Game Simulation takes the participant through a variety of scenarios to determine the best course of action that a company should take. During the course of this simulation, the companies' core values are examined along with policies. Rethinking a company's purpose in terms of social needs can help to differentiate from competition, promote public trust, and increase stakeholder value. A company needs to have their mindset to do "good," not just to do "well." This leads to the decision, which the simulation experience changes the existing shelved products that contain the harmful substance in protecting the company of any legal lawsuits.

Values and morals are the existence of everybody's daily life. At the extent of services to others, a person's values are tested daily based on the circumstances.

This process is similar to the ethical decisions that had to be made in the simulation concerning the current products containing the contaminant. The company values include the phrase the advantages over our competition are to be obtained through superior performance, never through unethical or illegal business practices. Acquiring proprietary information from others through improper means, possessing trade secret information that was obtained without the owner's consent or inducing disclosure of confidential information from past or present employees of other companies will be prohibited, even if motivated by the best intentions to advance the interests of the company." The problem was that the company seemed to be risking their reputation. So the decision to disseminate information broadly about increased risk for specific groups. Offering to replace tainted product or to refund purchase price seemed to be the best solution...