Euthenasia- What is Right?

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October 14, 2008


Euthanasia is the process in which an individual or person takes the liberty of taking his or her own life at a desired time. America has many different views of euthanasia, including whether or not euthanasia is considered justifiable. Many individuals and groups believe that one person taking his or her own life can be viewed as an act of showing mercy, or is it an act of playing God? There are many factors that have to be determined before a person can actually choose whether or not to support euthanasia.

Some Christians today believe that euthanasia is unethical. It is believed that the human life should be lived to the fullest without any interference from human hands or anything other than the way that God intended for a person's life to end.

Modern day medicine has evolved throughout the years. With all of these new developments in medicine, humans are finding new and improved ways to prolong their lives. With modern day medicine, the pain is not completely felt and some Christians believe that this is wrong. Some believe that pain comes from a person's sins, and in the time of death, it should not be dismissed. They also admit that because of the sins committed by Adam and Eve, God punished them to a life that would end in death. Because of these actions, this would be the way that all people on the face of the earth would live and die. Christians also believe that death should not always be thought of as something bad. Death should be thought of as a reward for a person living his or her...