Five-Year Career Development Plan

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Five-Year Career Development Plan�

Five-Year Career Development Plan

Joseph Rehman


University of Phoenix

MGT 431


Five-Year Career Development Plan

I read in an article once that stated, "If you don't know where you are going, how will you know when you get there." (McGuire) That statement says a lot in such few words. In order to successfully get to a place you are trying to go you are going to need to have some detailed directions to get there. Other wise a person may drive around aimless for a long time, which might take them to a dead end rut. When it comes to a persons career there is little difference in the scenario, except that this happens to a lot people around the world. In this paper I will create a five year career plan for my own career. I will identify specific career goals and the objectives to accomplish this.

Also look into the possible promotional opportunities for career growth. Then I will discuss different methods for career management. Then make a list to inventory my specific skills, abilities, training, and education. See what attributes to job satisfaction. The next step is identify three action steps to reaching my career goals and objectives. Then identify what the potential barriers to reaching my career goals. The to evaluate the affect of career training.

My current career is a meat processor for a local grocery chain call Albertsons. I have been working here for about fours years now. This is an outline of my career goals for the next five years.

Five-Year Career Development Plan

First Year

Complete my Bachelor Degree

Complete my Career Advancement Program

Second Year

Become a Meat Market Manager

Third Year

Complete my Masters Degree

To becomes a Assistant Store Manager

Fourth Year

To become a Store Director

Fifth Year

To become a Regional Manager

This is a general outline of my five year career development plan. Once I complete my Bachelors degree and CAP's class through my current job. I will then put my application to become a meat market where every there is a position open. Which means I will probable have to be willing to relocate to a bigger city. I Am hoping to accomplish this within the first two years. Once I have become a market manager I will need to try an move up another a step the third year and apply to become a assistant store manager. This is the manager right under the store director, but over all the department managers. Once that I have worked this position long enough I will then try to becomes a Store Director in the fourth year. This will require taking a Store Director CAP's class to actually become a store director. If this job become complacent being a store director I will broaden my vision and try to become a regional manager. Which will be over about fifteen stores. I plan to keep moving up the ladder as high as I am able to go, and then go a little higher.

I have worked for four employers in my entire professional working career. My first job I work for a casino and hotel busting tables at a twenty four hour restaurant working on the night shift. I learned to work hard and was rewarded with a promotion to room service. I would say that that job gave me my peoples skill and how to handle stress without it every phasing me. My second job was for a customer service call center. I learned how to handle customers problems and becoming an expert on how to come up with a decision that is both good for the customer and also good for the company. My third and fourth job was as a meat cutter at for a grocery store chain. I learned how to make sure that customer always get what they want. I currently have a Associates Degree and I am also working toward my Bachelors Degree.

One of three actions steps to becoming a manger is to complete my CAP's class, which will make me eligible to become a meat market manager. Once this is done I will use my manager experience and also a Bachelors Degree to become a assistant store manager. When my I complete my Masters I will and also the Store Directors CAP's I will become a store director.

One of the potential barriers to becoming a meat market manager is the lack of actually meat market managers positions open. It might take a few years when some of the older managers to retire before a position opens. Another potential barrier is the lack of manager experience I have. This might make it harder to become a manager.

The current manager training, which is the CAP's class, provided by my work has been an excellent learning experience and has given the overall view of what a managers role is. I think that career training programs help prepare employees to do the work that is needed by providing a way for the information to be taught in a class room setting rather to be learned through trail and effect.

In conclusion, I believe that in order to know where you are going you are going to need to make a plan of how to get there. I think that this five year career plan has been a very beneficial tool in to the insight of how to get to where I want to be in my career. Also that through career training can be a very beneficial to learning experience to better prepare a person to do the job that they are meant to do.



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