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Assessments/testing used in Forensic Psychology

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Assessments/testing used in Forensic Psychology


Clinical psychology or Forensic psychology is an ever evolving discipline. They are not restricted to the couches and working out of their own offices, then before. All over the world, it is the general practice that they are made to be a part of the courtroom and the affairs within. They are not there because they are on a trial but to share their piece of mind in case there is a problem with the court matters. They help the judges to get a better conclusion (Bernard; 2009). Since the 21st Century, the field of Forensic research has progressed as one of the most competitive jobs as they are recognized as psychologists that are in continued process of reading the mind of the criminal (Brent; 2002).


To begin with, the objectives of forensic psychologists are different from clinical psychologists. They must follow the suit in order to approach to mental judgments of the convictee. To follow the suit the convict is compared to a normal citizen as to how they approach their lives. Today the judicial requirements of psychology have been in more demand than before. For that purpose are adopted miscellaneous psychological tests for assessments. There is a difference in approach of clinical and forensic psychology as they both handle the lives differently. The purpose of clinical psychological assessments was formulated to reach symptomatic aims (Brent; 2002). When the similar is applied on forensic psychology, there occur too many hindrances and restrictions. The relation of a forensic psychologist with his case extraordinarily diverges from the human relationship amongst a psychotherapist and his subject. Plus in clinical psychology, there is one 'customer'. In...